Now is a Good Time to Buy Land in Arkansas

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Arkansas probably isn’t first on the list when considering where to buy land. Yet Arkansas, which is known as the Natural State, offers many advantages for prospective buyers.

1. The property bargains are unbeatable. Arkansas is a little behind the rest of the country when it comes to pricing land, meaning you get more for your money. A quarter acre can be purchased for only $7000, so it is perfect for investing or planning a home site.

2. Arkansas has very low property taxes. Right now, for undeveloped land, the property taxes are some of the lowest in the country.

3. The natural beauty of Arkansas is breathtaking. Whether you desire mountains or valleys this state has it all. From the Mississippi river to the Boston and Quachita Mountains, this is a rich and bountiful land. Because Arkansas is not overly populated, there are many areas that are still natural and undeveloped. Often you can find land located in forests that are teeming with wildlife. This land is a refuge for those seeking to escape the noise and pollution of the big cities.

4. Although Arkansas has four distinct seasons, the climate is very mild even in the winter. Outdoor pastimes can usually be enjoyed year around. Though it is located close to the Gulf of Mexico it is safe from hurricanes.

5. Many landowners have developed private communities. Having had the foresight to plan for retiring Baby Boomers, many landowners are planning communities catered to the needs of the retirees. These affordable communities will include golf courses, recreation centers, private lakes and nature trails. These communities are a sound investment.

6. Much of the land available in Arkansas is for sale by owner (or FSBO). This type of direct buying cuts out the middleman and saves money. Often times, if a landowner needs help, they will use another local landowner with experience in the buying and selling of property.

7. Finding affordable financing is easy. Not only is the land so reasonable, but there are also savings when owners do their own financing. Other advantages to FSBO are fixed interest rates and no credit checks. Also you can avoid those the long mortgage approval process. All you have to do is make your monthly payment until your loan term is finished and get the deed to your property.

Buying land in Arkansas weather for retirement or for investing purposes is a good decision.


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